The SWP “hard-left” is very much “hard-right” in its approach towards women, minorities and the working class.

The biggest threat to Working Class mobilisation is the infiltration of the Middle class into Working Class political spaces under the pretence of being just like “one of us”. This breeds classism, sexism, racism and a whole plethora of unchecked abuse. The middle class, more often than not privileged white men, enter and impose their fallacies and hierarchies, utilising their superior resources such as wealth, property and social connections to control and dominate Working Class spaces, finally resulting in internal division and the example of the Socialist Worker’s Party is integral to all this.

I’ve observed this phenomenon for a…

To Deny Palestinians Their Narrative is to Deny Their Existence; and it’s Working.

Palestine by Nada Khartabil.

At this point in history, we are living through a global pandemic. At the same time we’re seeing major political changes occurring around the world. One such political change is Israel’s illegal territorial expansion in to the West Bank. The Plan which was authored by Donald Trump’s property developer son-in-law Jared Kushner and approved personally by Trump in January 2020, is being pushed forward by Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netenyahu who is currently under trial in Israel for corruption charges. …

The colour of my skin. My skin. Brown. Brown. Brown.

Deprived of sun for so many years. When the sun touches my skin, a blessing indeed. My skin keeps it. The darkening, it keeps for the months of winter. It may fade on my face, yet my legs, my arms my shoulders, absorbed every moment of sun I could gather. For the first time in my life at 31 I spent a summer soaking in the sun.

Such a natural thing for my ancestors. For what my skin is really for. Though my skin went through the brutality of adaption…

The need for patterns and certainty in times of crisis

How many of us did they kill? Estimates are between 300,000 and 3,000,000.

The first people the West Pakistan military targeted were the educated. Because they would be the ones to enable a new nation to thrive. On the 14th December Massacre they rounded up and systematically killed university students, professors, journalists, intellectuals, poets, artists, lawyers, doctors, engineers.

No wonder I feel an innate need to fill so many spaces. How thin can I spread myself? How thick can my skin grow? They did not succeed in eliminating the new nation. We don’t have the kind of national pride exhibited in Europe. We have a love of our land, green, beauty, nature.

The sword is what we use in the kitchen. My mum is still uncomfortable with a hand held knife and I rarely brave using this thing. I remember my mum hiding this when my brothers used to fight.. it’s a weird, beautiful sometimes scary world…

This story risks the interpretation of the questioning what is civilised. But, once you gather the story behind these fights which would make my entire body simultaneously freeze and shake, it would make more than a little sense. I remember running to the kitchen, closing the door and holding it shut with my back praying…

A question asked through the analysis of the history of Bangladesh



1. a duty to deal with or take care of somebody/something, so that you may be blamed if something goes wrong

2. responsibility (for something) blame for something bad that has happened

3. a moral duty to do something or to help or take care of somebody because of your job, position, etc.



  1. people in general

2. the state of being a person rather than a god, an animal or a machine

3. the quality of being kind to people and animals by making sure that they do not suffer more than is necessary; the quality of being humane

4. the subjects of study that are about the way people think and behave, for example literature, language, history and philosophy

Rashid Talukder

If I began to Speak the Truth, then I would not stop crying…

When I say Bangladeshi woman, I am not speaking of the 0.01% of power holding elite who despite some contestation to the contrary, don’t have much of a hard time conforming to the global elite circles.

I’ve lost count of the number of times it’s been suggested to me that I take up a career in food as a cook. I can cook dishes from all over the world insitinctively and with ease because I was taught how to cook perfectly from a very young age. Not…

“If you can only be tall because someone else is on their knees, then you have a serious problem. And white people have a very, very serious problem.” — Toni Morrison

Bengali Silk Khatan saree, Milan, 2019

A year and a half ago I went to Milan for an editorial shoot. It involved wearing south-Asian hand-woven sarees. I was nervously excited since I very rarely get the chance to wear my traditional clothes, in fact it had been almost a decade since I’d last worn a saree. When we arrived at the shoot, the location was beautiful but the “production manager” was away on another project…

“To assume Obama cannot do any wrong because he is half Black is just the other end of the extreme to thinking Black people can never do no right.”

Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi

I’ve been hearing a lot over time about “light skin privilege”. The dismantling of colourism and shadism is fundamental to creating a safe and equal world for all people especially those who face discrimination because of the colour of their skin not only from the “outside” world but also in and from spaces where we should feel safe and supported; within our own communities and even our homes. I am considered…

Rabia Ali

Writing and enjoy writing.

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